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Coriander leaf/ Dania pata/ Green fresh/ Deshi flavour with native/ Imported of Chaina or Okinawa/ Fluctuates in different season..


Eggplant (Begun)Product of  Origin: Kumamoto Japan1 Piece 350 ~ 400 gm..


Eggplant (Begun) Fresh Saitama JapanProduct of  Origin: Saitama JapanWeight: 450 gm..


Green Dundol (Whole)Product of Origin: Japan..


Fresh Green Mango (Whole)Sour : YesProduct of  Origin: ThailandAvailable Depends on Season..


Green Mint (Spare mint)/ fresh/ Import of Thailand..


Green Papaya (Fresh)/ Okinawa, Japan/ Fluctuates in different season    ..


Lau Green Fresh (Bottle Gourd) Okinawa, size 800 gm to 1500 gm, prize depend on weight..


Lemon GrassProduct of Origin: Thailand..


Lemon LeafProduct of  Origin: Thailand..


Lemon Leaf/ Imported From Thailand..


Potato (fresh)Product of Origin: Japan..


Pui-foi-shag/ Fresh Malabar Spinach/ Product of  Ibaraki  but origin in Bangladesh   ..


Sazna Data/ Fresh/ Not frozen/ Drumstick/ Sajnedanta/ Product of India..


Sazna Data/ Frozn/ Cleaned/ Peeled/ Green Raw/ Cut in to piece/ Ready to cook/ Product of Bangladesh..

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